Global pharmaceutical company, Lundbeck, were looking to create a brand new visual experience for their 2015 conference, in celebration of their centenary year in business. They challenged Scriberia with the end-to-end design of their event - delivering a more coherent, more innovative experience to delegates than ever before.


2015 marked the centenary year for global pharmaceutical company, Lundbeck. They wanted to host a conference in Copenhagen that would not only celebrate the successes of the last century, but look ahead to the next.

The Lundbeck team had ambitions of delivering a better, more innovative event than ever. They challenged Scriberia to create a brand new visual experience for the conference.

‘Every year we try to do something new; every year we aim to push things further and deliver a higher and higher quality experience,' says Martin Jensen, Lundbeck’s head of global congress and event management. 'But this year was particularly important.

‘When we started to plan the event, we felt strongly that it should reflect our forward-thinking as a company, and our position at the cutting edge of what we do. The communication throughout needed to be consistent, coherent, and relevant in the digital age.’


Scriberia's input was integral at every stage of the event, from planning to execution. Their proposal consisted of several bespoke elements that provided the consistency and coherency that Lundbeck were after; a short animation, produced in advance, to introduce delegates to the event and its concept; live digital scribing capturing content over three days, to project onto a vast screen in the main event space; and lastly, a world first (as far as we know), to create a live animation from the digitally scribed content.

Scriberia worked with existing branding concepts and colour palettes, to create a seamless experience across all branded elements of the event.

Scriberia’s creative director, Chris Wilson, says: ‘Lundbeck gave us the opportunity to push ourselves to our technical limits and the work we produced for them in Copenhagen represents a genuine innovation in the live event sphere.

‘We had one of our animators working alongside our scribes throughout; animating the digitally scribed content as it came in. The result was a fantastic animated summary of the whole conference – shown on a 35m-long panoramic screen – created in time for the closing session.’


Martin Jensen says, ‘From our first conversation, we were reassured that Scriberia understood what we wanted: consistency in our visuals, that would carry through the entire conference, bringing coherence to the event as a whole. We were keen to push Scriberia to the very limits of what they thought was possible, on a technical level, to achieve something truly ground-breaking. They responded with enthusiasm and an innovative solution that hit the brief.

‘Despite the geographical distance between us, we formed a strong relationship with Scriberia’s London team in the lead up to the event. They understood what we wanted to achieve, why it was important to achieve it, and they worked hard to find a way to make it happen. Seeing the animated scribe playing as the conference closed, just exactly as I’d imagined it…it was a great moment.’

‘Already, it’s clear the work has a valuable afterlife. The introductory video has become part of Lundbeck’s 100th birthday celebrations, and has been shared widely by our affiliates. The digitally scribed and animated elements are a great and easily shared document of a landmark event in Lundbeck’s history.’