Global law firm, Linklaters, wanted to tell the career journey of female lawyers as part of their training and engagement programme. Scriberia created a rich picture that follows a woman’s journey from starting at Linklaters to becoming a partner, highlighting potential choice points along the way that might cause women to leave.


 As part of their training and engagement programme, global law firm, Linklaters, wanted to tell the career journey of female lawyers in their firm, highlighting potential choice points for women along the way.
The motivation was to inform more employees, both male and female, how women experience life at the firm; from what helps them and encourages them stay, to what hinders them and might cause them to leave.
Kate Richardson-Moore, Global Head of Talent and Engagement, knew that the wider business were tired of seeing charts and data on PowerPoint slides. She wanted to find a more memorable and impactful way to share the narratives of women at the firm.


Scriberia were tasked with creating a rich picture that included a number of different career paths of women in the firm, showing when they leave, why they leave, or at what points they get promoted.
Linklaters had a huge amount of data and information they wanted included in the picture. Visualiser, Sara, split the journey into seven parts to help organise the information. The final image includes talking points for workshop sessions, such as myths at each stage of the career path.


As early as the first phone call, Kate was impressed with the way that Scriberia processed and simplified Linklaters’ complex web of information. She says, ‘In our first meeting, we passed on a great deal of information to the Scriberia team. Their ability to listen and translate this major verbal download into something visual was just fantastic. I was utterly amazed at how brilliantly Sara and Giulia approached the task.’
Kate also notes how valuable it was to collaborate with a different skill set: ‘It was a really interesting process for me to work outside of my area of expertise. The way Sara took all of our information and presented it was outstanding. She was so accommodating to suggestions and new ideas, and was able to interpret exactly what I was asking for. I would highlight her patience during the process.’
Despite their different skill sets, Kate notes how the project always felt like a product of teamwork: ‘The Scriberia team approached the project with great enthusiasm; it really felt like a team effort that we were all invested in.’
Linklaters have since used the rich picture in a variety of internal workshops ‘We’re now running storyboard sessions where we take people through the visual story, stopping at various points to discuss key moments. It’s been an effective tool for raising awareness and providing training.’
And the final illustration has proven hugely popular with their team. ‘People love the visuals because it’s something quite different in our world,’ Kate says. ‘We typically use charts, diagrams and PowerPoint presentations, so this type of visual communication is really fresh and interesting. It peaks people’s curiosity and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
‘The final picture has turned out exactly as I’d envisaged when I thought I had a crazy idea and didn’t know how I was going to make it happen. Scriberia really helped me make that vision a reality.’