English Heritage

English Heritage are always looking for new ways to bring the story of England to life across their 400 historic sites. Tasked with planning new visions for their sites, they asked Scriberia to visualise their project team’s ideas at Richmond and Whitby Castles, and to scribe their Kids Takeover Day at Walmer Castle, where children designed a proposed play trail around the site.


Caring for over 400 historic sites across the country, English Heritage are always looking for new ways to bring the story of England to life for their visitors.

Ruth Haycock, Interpretation Manager, North Projects, was tasked with planning the interpretation of Richmond and Whitby castles; uncovering new opportunities to improve the visitor experience and cementing a vision for each site. She was looking for an engaging way to facilitate her team’s conversations and help them to visualise their ideas.

Meanwhile, at Walmer Castle, Christopher Weddell, Senior Gardens Advisor, was leading a Kids Takeover Day, where school children were invited to help design a proposed play trail around the woodland. Weary of boring reports, Christopher wanted a fresh and exciting medium for capturing the day and engaging the children.


Scribing was a brilliant answer to the challenges of both events. Across two days of free flowing discussion, Scriberian, Sara, visualised the project team’s aspirations for the reinterpretations of Whitby and Richmond castles.

Sara also facilitated the Kids Takeover Day at Walmer castle, where she attended a tour with the children, led by their local Educations Visits Officer. After helping the children draw their ideas, Sara summarised and scribed their key feedback onto a larger illustration of the castle and grounds.


Ruth reflects: ‘The scribing added another dimension to our team days at Richmond and Whitby, making the meetings much more dynamic. We weren’t just watching someone write ideas on a whiteboard; having that visual reference and seeing how those ideas were developing was so useful.’

‘When it comes to brainstorming, a visual map is really helpful. The illustrators really understood what we were using the sessions for and the visual map was a brilliant talking point.’

‘It’s also been really valuable to us post-event. After the meeting, we gave everyone a copy of the visual summary, and it’s been great to have a visual recording that we can all reflect on and refer to.’

Christopher’s experience at the Kids Takeover Day was equally as positive: ‘Sara was absolutely fantastic. Actively participating in all of the day’s activities, she understood what we were looking to do and how to engage with the audience. Both the day and the final visual went beyond any of my initial thoughts or expectations.’

‘It was fantastic to have a huge amount of information condensed down in a very meaningful way. Sara took into account all of the ideas coming forward so that everyone felt their ideas were included. Everybody was engaged and enjoyed seeing the picture evolve in front of them.’

And the final product has helped promote English Heritage’s commitment to Kids Takeover Day: ‘My colleagues all agree that the scribing was really useful and interesting. We’ve included it in our communications for funding applications and on social media. It’s also been used in internal communications to highlight Kids Takeover Day and our efforts to make it an engaging and innovative scheme.’