Barclays were looking for new and innovative ways to engage their audience at live events and across their digital channels. As part of an ongoing collaboration with Scriberia, live scribing has become a popular fixture at a wide variety of Barclays’ events, and their social streams are benefitting from a wealth of bespoke infographic content.


Standing out from the crowd is a priority for every business. Ben Gill, marketing manager for Barclays’ live events, was on the look-out for new ways to engage and grow their audiences, before, during and after their live events. 

Meanwhile, for Felicity Kerridge, Head of Corporate Banking Product Marketing, the aim was to find innovative ways to describe their product offering to a wide, digital audience.

‘That’s exactly the kind of challenge we relish,' says Scriberia's creative director, Dan Porter. 'On the face of it, the financial world isn’t awash with creative potential, but that actually made the infographics quite liberating to work on. It forced us to find metaphors, develop themes and tell stories in less literal ways in order to make them memorable.'



Scriberia produced an ongoing series of infographics for sharing on social media, visualising everything from risk mitigation to digital payments. They worked closely with the Barclays social team to design a set of clear and coherent visual stories worthy of both re-tweet and like.

Scriberia also worked hard to tailor their live illustration services to each of Barclays’ events, including client-facing conferences and internal workshops.

While traditional scribing was a tailor-made fit for their Travel Forums, helping to engage their clients and generate interest on social media, a multimedia digital scribing experience was the perfect solution for one of their workshop sessions. The scribes digitally captured a number of talks in the morning, which were then used as discussion pointers in a panel talk in the afternoon.

Working with Scriberia has made me think differently about how we should communicate with our audience. People are time-poor and need to understand content quickly, especially on social media. Drilling down a complicated topic into four or five diagrams or a single infographic is so valuable.
— Ben Gill, Marketing Manager, Barclays


Both social media and live events teams have no hesitation in reporting real returns on their investment in Scriberia.

‘Scriberia’s illustrations have made our social content so much more engaging,' says Felicity. 'Some of the topics we talk about might sound a bit dry on the surface, but the pictures have brought them to life for a wider audience. Across the board, Scriberia’s drawings have improved interest and reach on our social media channels.


‘And what is great is that Scriberia’s approach is so collaborative. They’re brilliant at generating ideas we would never have thought of, but so welcoming of our input, too. We've been able to put our expertise into the work. It was an interesting and fun process, as well as a pain-free one, as every image has been near-perfect first time.'

Ben, from the live events team, adds: ‘Having Scriberia at our events has really helped to draw in our audience. The live scribing is a great talking point and Scriberia have managed to tailor their services – from wall scribing to digital sketchnoting – to each of our events with great success.’

And both teams have discovered several unexpected additional benefits to working with Scriberia, too. Felicity says: ‘The experience has opened my eyes to just how difficult some of the technical jargon is to understand. The process of producing an infographic has forced me to think hard about what we’re trying to say in our content.'

And Ben agrees: 'Working with Scriberia has made me think differently about how we should communicate with our audience,' he says. 'People are time-poor and need to understand content quickly, especially on social media. Drilling down a complicated topic into four or five diagrams or a single infographic is so valuable.

Being able to use their live event artwork as post-event marketing assets is also a major positive for Ben's team. 'It has helped us get the most value out of our conferences and workshops. The visuals are eye-catching and encourage people to click-through. We always get a big pick-up when we post Scriberia’s drawings on LinkedIn.’

'In addition, now that the artwork is displayed all over the office we’ve had a lot of enquiries from other teams within the business about where we got our amazing visuals, and how they can work with pictures, too,' says Ben. 'It’s great to see stakeholders, externally and internally, responding so positively to what we're doing.'


Felicity adds: 'One of our senior MDs saw the graphics we'd done and loved them so much he asked for his five-year strategy to be drawn, too. He’s got it on the wall of his office, and finds it invaluable.'

Scriberia’s creative director, Dan Porter, says: ‘It has been very satisfying to see an initial brief for one illustration evolve and grow into a visual language that Barclays have embraced and run with across a number of projects.

'We’re very conscious that our work with Barclays can’t be seen as "dumbing down". This is content aimed at an informed, intelligent audience. Our job is to make that content stands out, to make it engaging, imaginative and easily understood but not by trivialising it.

‘Many of the people we’ve worked with at Barclays are great visual thinkers in their own right. It’s been great to see Barclays growing in confidence to use the power of pictures more and more as a means of communicating often complex information to customers, and hopefully Scriberia have played a part in that.’