Innovation is a hallmark of the Deloitte brand and a key driver in growing the firm and delivering results for their clients. The Deloitte iZone is their market leading collaboration and accelerated solutions experience, allowing Deloitte to generate ideas and facilitate faster, better problem solving for their clients’ most complex business challenges.

Here, every element of creative thinking has been researched by the iZone team to stimulate client and Deloitte teams to think creatively. Central to their vision was a form of visual content capture that would resonate with a wide range of clients, both during their iZone experience and for some time after. 

From the outset, the Scriberia team worked with Deloitte to create the ideal canvas for live capture. As a result, the Deloitte iZone boasts a giant designated glass drawing wall where the Scriberia team can create bespoke visuals at large scale for every client and every challenge. 

The Scriberia team are involved from the outset of each event, building an understanding of the client challenge at hand, resulting in a capture that is both comprehensive, detailed and most importantly engaging and memorable. 

Client teams delight in seeing their ideas brought to life by the artists all set within an overarching theme and narrative of the day. The images are also an essential part of the post event communications both within the client team and Deloitte. 

It is no overstatement to say that Scriberia and Deloitte have forged a strong relationship in the iZone, proof of the power of visualised thinking and testament to Deloitte’s forward thinking and innovative approach to working in new, more collaborative ways with clients. 

In January 2013, Scriberia was delighted to be invited to work with Deloitte at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Under Deloitte’s banner of InnovationLive, and over 440m2 of wall space, Scriberia illustrated comments submitted via Facebook and Twitter around themes of business, innovation and society. The imagery was seen and enjoyed by the great and the good as they passed by, and was also shared across those same social media platforms so that contributors could see their thoughts brought to life.