Sometimes, changing the way you communicate can be the best way to communicate the changes taking place within your organisation. 

It certainly worked that way for Edelman, the world’s largest PR firm, who engaged Scriberia in the Spring of 2013, to collaborate with their president and CEO, Richard Edelman on the visual presentation accompanying his annual address at the Edelman Leadership Meeting in Hamburg, Germany. 

Central to the presentation was the way in which the organisation would be moving towards a future of digital and research PR. Working with Scriberia, and exploring fresh ways to get the message across, reflected a new commitment to ‘show and tell’ and helped associate the company’s future direction with a distinct visual identity. 

Ever since [my presentation], people have been bootlegging the images to put into their own reports and presentations. It’s such a perfect visual representation of what we’re trying do.
— Richard Edelman, CEO, Edelman

Richard Edelman says: ‘I have been making these annual presentations for 15 years, and I’m sure many people in my company have come to dread them! But this time around, we wanted to have some real impact. We said “Let’s not do a boring PowerPoint presentation.”

‘Scriberia were recommended to me by my team in London. I saw what they did and felt sure that it would chime well with the content I had in mind.’

The presentation was a success. ‘So many people have said it’s the best one by far,’ says a clearly delighted Mr Edelman. ‘Ever since, people have been bootlegging the images to put into their own reports and presentations. It’s such a perfect visual representation of what we’re trying do.’

Also at the Leadership Meeting in Hamburg, Scriberia produced an animation for Edelman’s Chicago team, an illustration of Edelman’s work in Germany, and live scribed a key workshop. So it’s fair to say Edelman thoroughly embraced Scriberia in 2013.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your work on Thursday – it took people out of their comfort zone and gave them a new experience, and all of the final illustrations were very impactful.
— Jessica Cave, Senior Account Executive, Content, Edelman

Scriberia are also a regular part of Edelman’s pitching process and have been involved in a number of successful pitches in the last two years. The company's London office have quickly grasped the best way to use Scriberia’s talents in these high-pressure situations, and this creative understanding has resulted in some memorable presentations to clients.

Scriberia’s first project for Edelman was an animation explaining the aims and methods of ‘Houseboat’, the firm’s collaborative workshop approach. They also scribed at some of Houseboat workshops as well as at a number of other brainstorm sessions both internal and external. Jessica Cave, a senior account executive at Edelman, said of one such session: 

‘The teams commented on how much value they took from the session, and many said they will look into using scribes and visual artists when presenting in their own markets from now on. We know it was a challenging ask, but everyone was very happy with the results,’ says Jessica Cave, a senior account executive at Edelman.

‘The work we did with Scriberia became the start of a successful partnership. We know and trust in the quality of the work that we will get when we work with them.’

And it’s a sentiment echoed by Richard Edelman, who adds: ‘I believe we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.’