When time is short and attention spans are even shorter, having the skills to think and communicate in an effective and engaging way can set you apart.

Images have the power to create shortcuts to information and knowledge, to promote understanding and enhance communication. The key is understanding how to use them. 

At Scriberia, we believe in ‘hardworking pictures’ – pictures that take the heavy-lifting out of thinking and communicating. We may have years of experience in scribing, graphic facilitation and creative problem solving under our belts, but we believe anyone can transform the way they work by mastering a few simple tricks of our trade. That’s why we set up the Academy; a real and a virtual space where you can master the hardworking picture and realise its potential. 

Here, you’ll find #HowToDraw tutorials to boost your creative confidence, as well as a host of tips for putting it to practical use. Meanwhile, at our studio in Kings Cross, we host fun, fast-paced workshops for teams and individuals keen to supercharge their skillset.

Learning from our expert visual communicators, you can build a basic visual vocabulary, improve your drawing and design skills, transform your presentations, use pictures to solve problems and develop techniques for capturing ideas visually. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Even the least confident artists could see that if they could draw a circle or a triangle or a square they could start to convey quite complex ideas.
— Kate Kapp, Senior Service Design Manager, Tesco PLC

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