Picturing Change

How do you go about making change if you can’t picture it? And how do you involve and mobilise others to help make a vision happen if they don’t know what it looks like?

We can’t photograph what’s in our heads, so drawing is a brilliantly adaptable way to give shape and substance to plans and visions. A clear picture of the future can create a common understanding of the way forward, and be a highly effective means of encouraging shifts in personal and team mindset. The process of making it can give another form of voice for those who aren’t comfortable speaking up in meetings. And often visualising the journey reveals its opportunities and gaps.

picturing changeB.png

This workshop is designed to help you develop skills to plan better, communicate a tangible vision, and create common understanding with your teams and clients. 

Through lively examples and exercises, you’ll learn how to create simple pictures and models to explain and engage others constructively with change. 

You’ll explore ways to picture the people affected by it, show how the process works, spot potential pitfalls and envision compelling goals. 

You’ll leave with tools to adapt and apply to the future you want to make happen.

We saw so much more engagement when we started using pictures… It’s the change agents in the organisation that really matter. It’s all about collaborating and getting everyone’s voices heard.
— John Fitzpatrick, Senior Digital Service Manager, National Prisons and Probation Service