How to Draw Anything

Like writing, drawing is a multipurpose tool for thinking, creating, communicating and remembering in pretty much every area of life and work. 

Many people get told they can’t draw. Yet the same critic wouldn’t say you don’t have a good or important story to tell just because they don’t like your handwriting. 

This fast, fun one-hour workshop is our introduction to drawing for non-artists who think they aren’t good enough. It’s designed to raise your confidence and sense of liberation with a pen. Through simple practical games you’ll learn how little it matters what a picture looks like as long as it gets the message across. 


You’ll come away with simple tricks and tips to help you start drawing more to think, communicate, work and play. These are useful whether you’re intending to use it to get fresh ways of looking at a problem, sketch future scenarios, help your young family learn, or plot your novel. 

Scriberia did a fantastic [and] impressive job of raising the energy in the room and navigating everyone through a series of hands-on exercises that raised the collective confidence in being able to visualise our ideas. [These newly acquired skills] should raise our game. The feedback from the session was nothing but positive.
— Richard Beecroft, Associate Director, Mediacom