Creative Firestarters

When you’re feeling blank, stuck in a rut or lacking creative confidence, we want to show you how drawing can help liberate the imagination, whether or not your work is image-based.

At Scriberia we know from daily experience how drawing can reveal fresh insights by making connections that never would have met on a page of text. This workshop shares our team’s expert insights and the games we play to stay creatively limber and keep our ideas flowing.


As we guide you through a series of playful and fast-paced experiments, you’ll learn first-hand how creative constraints can vanquish fear of the blank page and liberate possibility. 

You’ll experience how drawing can open up problems and questions, refine hazy ideas and hunches, and find potential apparently from nowhere.

You’ll learn tricks and techniques to weave creativity into your day-to-day routine. 

And you’ll take away our best advice and insights for keeping your imagination fuelled.