Clarity from Complexity

How many of us count drawing as a tool for thinking? Yet figuring out how to turn something into a picture provides a unique opportunity to look at it afresh and analyse what really matters.

The process of picturing a subject on paper forces us to clarify our understanding of it. It can help us find the core of an idea, focus its message and keep it beautifully simple. It can help us identify priorities, spot confusion, and resolve problems. And that’s the case whether or not its final form is visual.


This workshop is designed to help hone your instinct for elegant economy, whether you’re a charity campaigner, creative agency or science researcher. You’ll explore great examples and techniques for breaking down rich and complex subjects, and organising and prioritising their contents. Through revealing drawing experiments, you’ll discover how to make ideas leaner, visions stronger, presentations smarter and communications more succinct.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to apply these lessons to both visual and non-visual communication, from social media campaigns to phone pitches. 

It was a great workshop for the whole team. Through illustration we examined the thought process of getting to a focused message, of identifying the most important information to be communicated… I thoroughly enjoyed it and continue to use it when I’m planning a presentation or a brief.
— Tom Oliver, Senior Design Manager, Mars Global Chocolate