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At Scriberia, we offer something unique. Our work is as rich in content and context as it is in style. For us, graphic facilitation is about much more than simple visual notetaking or drawing nice pictures. And, rightly, our clients expect more than that too. 

Graphic facilitation is about harnessing the power of visual thinking to spark conversations, trigger memories, invigorate passions, find solutions, highlight connections and elevate ideas that might otherwise be lost. It’s about giving thoughts clarity, and making them more memorable, more shareable and more versatile.

Our artistic skills are second to none, but our ability to listen hard, empathise, understand and earn the trust of our clients is just as important when it comes to providing a valuable service. 

Over the years our methods have been tested and proven to work at the highest level, and at every level. We’ve scribed on the walls of the World Economic Forum’s Summit in Davos, and we’ve worked with the world’s biggest brands.

We know that no client or job is the same, so our work is bespoke every time. 

We aim to creatively interpret what we hear, not simply record it, and finding the most engaging and relevant way to do that is what we love to do.

We’re not experts in vaccination programmes, big data or business growth strategy, yet our scribes are highly skilled in getting to the heart of complex issues like these, and bringing new insights to the table through their work. We dare to say that we are undaunted by any prospect. There’s no subject we wouldn’t take on. And if you don’t believe us, try us.