A snapshot of the future


Samsung recently gathered together a select group of technology writers and experts to discuss the current explosion of photo and video sharing, enabled by increasingly sophisticated connected devices such as their own recently launched Galaxy S4 Zoom. Perhaps for the first time, this is a device that clearly sees itself as more of a camera than a phone – reflecting a shift in priorities for many consumers, who prefer to stay in touch by sharing images rather than making a call. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and advances in network technology, are making it a doddle to communicate visually – a practice close to our hearts too! (Obviously, our images are created in slightly different way, but this rise and spread of visual communication clearly affects the way our work is read, interpreted and shared).

So the event promised some really interesting content, as the panel shared favourite examples of visual-centric social media and how it might evolve. Chris was there, capturing the conversation live, and in the spirit of visual sharing we animated his lovely summary of the event. The animation, above, is now hosted on Samsung’s website.